Neptune is one of our absolutely stunning “blurple” Ambanja Panther Chameleons.  He is amazingly beautiful even when at rest.  His stunning colors never cease to amaze us.  We still have not been able to capture his gorgeous glow on camera as much as we’ve tried.  He literally shines in the light.  His blues are something that seems almost impossible to exist.  We can not wait to see just what blues his babies are going to show.

He is a boy that while friendly will occasionally try to “puff up” when the cage is first opened or when we stick a camera in his face.  Once he is out of his enclosure he is a lot of fun to have around and very friendly.  Neptune’s favorite food are super worms, and he will happily take a super worm straight from our hand.

Neptune is by far the most beautiful Ambanja panther chameleons I have ever personally seen.  No matter the time of day he is something special to look at.  If you are looking for an Ambanja Panther Chameleons for sale you can visit our Upcoming Clutches page.