Satanic Leaf Tail Gecko Care Sheet


Single geckos can be housed in commonly available 12″x12″x18″ glass terrariums.  Breeding groups should be housed in larger enclosures.  We use 16″x18″x20″ enclosures for our breeding pairs.  We utilize naturalistic cages for our geckos.  We set up our cages as bioactive and utilize a drainage layer on the bottom then an organic mix to plant live plants in the enclosure.  It is important they have access to many different branches places in different directions.  You want them to have access to all sides of the cage with vertical, horizontal, and diagnal branches.  In addition to that, we also utilize cork back flats and rounds in our cages.  We place leaf litter on the top of the soil.


Many people keep their Uroplatus geckos without uvb lighting, however we do utilize uvb bulbs for our geckos.  We use T5HO 6% uvb bulbs suspended above our cages.  We have not found a need for a basking bulb.  


Temperature and Humidity

Our ambient daytime temperatues range from 72-75 degrees.  We have a slight night time drop in temperature down to 68-70 degrees.  We keep our humidity between 40-100% depending on the time of day.  It is important that the cage dries out in between mistings.  



Our Satanic Leaf Tail Geckos eat primarily crickets.  We occasionally offer other feeder items, but have found our geckos ignore most things that aren’t crickets.  We lightly dust our crickets with Repashy Calcium Plus.