Choosing a Baby Panther Chameleon

Deciding on bringing a baby panther chameleon home is a big decision.  If you’ve done your research and decided bringing home a baby panther chameleon fits in your schedule and your budget and your family then the search begins.  But how do you know which one is right for you?

There are many different types of panther chameleons and a lot of decisions to be made.  Do you know what locale you prefer? Do you know if you want a male or female? What kind of colors are you looking for?  Do you want to already be able to see some coloration, or do you have the patience to wait until they grow up a bit? Do you have access to feeders that are small enough to feed a young baby panther chameleon.

You will find many breeders have baby panther chameleons for sale.  One of the first decisions to make is on a male or a female panther chameleon.  Males have the most bright intense colors, but females aren’t lacking in their pretty pink coloration.  There are some mighty pretty females out there that could give a male a run for their money.

Once you have decided between a male or a female baby panther chameleon you will want to start looking at the different locales.  We have Ambilobe, Ambanja, and Nosy Be as they are our favorites, but there are many others including Sambava, Cap Est, Nosy Faly, Tamatave, and more.  We are partial to Ambilobe, Ambanja, and Nosy Be panther chameleons because we feel they have the most amazing colors.

You will also want to consider the age of the baby panther chameleons for sale.  We recommend not getting any baby under 3 months of age.  Baby panther chameleons that have reached the 3 month mark are usually through the most fragile part of their lives and are much hardier and healthier.  First time keepers, even with the best of intentions, often do not provide optimum care, and having a well-started baby is important to the chameleon’s health and survival.  Some 3 month old baby panther chameleons will not begin showing color just yet.  If you wait and find an older baby panther chameleon you may be able to see some of their color developing and it will allow you to see a better picture of what your chameleon will look like when he or she is older.

Once you have decided on a male or female baby panther chameleon and on your chosen locale it is time to start looking at babies.  Different breeders will have different baby panther chameleons available at varying times during the year.  It is important to keep in mind that it is often unsafe to ship baby panther chameleons in the middle of winter.  Summer, spring, and fall are usually the perfect times to ship baby chameleons.