Chameleons are incredibly beautiful, intriguing, entertaining animals.  They each have very different personalities.  However, they are not the right pet for everyone.  Chameleons are not the right pet if you are looking for something to hold and play with.  Chameleons can stress very easily and excessive handling can cause a lot of stress.

Chameleons are medium sized arboreal reptiles that need a large enclosure.  This is not the pet for you if you are looking for something that can live in a 20 gallon fish tank in the corner.  They need large, spacious, and well ventilated enclosures in order to be healthy.  Chameleons also need to have a high level of humidity maintained.  If the humidity drops below a certain level your chameleon will quickly become unhealthy.  This means frequent hand listings throughout the day if you do not invest in an automatic misting system.

Chameleons are by far our absolute favorites, but please keep these things in mind before making the purchase.  They are a large commitment that need an investment of money, time, and space in order to be healthy and happy.